restricted access   Volume 43, Number 2, Spring 2009

Table of Contents

Lessons for Social Science in the Study of New Polities: Nunavut at 10

pp. 5-22

Le Nunavut : entre le rêve et la réalité Bilan de dix années d’autonomie gouvernementale inuite et prospective socio-économique

pp. 23-56

Governance in Nunavut: Capacity vs. Culture?

pp. 57-81

Nunavut and Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

pp. 82-108

Institutional Boundaries and Regionalism: Social, Economic, and Political Regions in the Canadian Arctic

pp. 109-136

Iglutaasaavut (Our New Homes): Neither “New” nor “Ours” Housing Challenges of the Nunavut Territorial Government

pp. 137-158

Reconciling Indigenous and Settler Language Interests: Language Policy Initiatives in Nunavut

pp. 159-180

Language Rights and Language Choices: The Potential of Inuktitut Literacy

pp. 181-197

The Devolution of Natural Resources and Nunavut’s Constitutional Status

pp. 198-219

Inuit Cyberspace: The Struggle for Access for Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit

pp. 220-249

Inuit and the Canadian Arctic: Sovereignty Begins at Home

pp. 250-260

New Books

New Books

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