restricted access   Volume 35, Issue 1, March 2009

Table of Contents

Aboriginal Redress

Edited by Jennifer Henderson and Pauline Wakeham

Colonial Reckoning, National Reconciliation?: Aboriginal Peoples and the Culture of Redress in Canada

pp. 1-26

From Reconciliation to Reconciling: Reading What “We Now Recognize” in the Government of Canada’s 2008 Residential Schools Apology

pp. 27-45

Truth, Reconciliation, and Amnesia: Porcupines and China Dolls and the Canadian Conscience

pp. 47-65

The Great Canadian (and Australian) Secret: The Limits of Non-Indigenous Knowledge and Representation

pp. 67-83

Threads of Hope: The Living Healing Quilt Project

pp. 85-107

Atopoi of the Modern: Revisiting the Place of the Indian Residential School

pp. 109-135

Indigenous Storytelling, Truth-telling, and Community Approaches to Reconciliation

pp. 137-159

Redressing Redress: The Neoliberal Appropriation of Redress in the anti-Native Backlash at Caledonia

pp. 161-190

Indoctrination of Natives: (Front Cover Art)

pp. 191-192


pp. 193-200