restricted access   Volume 46, Number 1, Winter 2010

Table of Contents

A Symposium in Memory of Peter H. Hare

Joseph Palencik & Russell Pryba


pp. 1-2

A Word of Thanks for Peter Hare's Patience

pp. 3-8

Present at the End?: Who Will Be There When the Last Stone Is Thrown?

pp. 9-20

Peter Hare on the Proposition

pp. 21-34

Takin' It to the Streets: Hare and Madden on Civil Disobedience

pp. 35-40

Flexible Realism, Flexibility, and Holism

pp. 41-46

Peter Hare on the Philosophy of Curt John Ducasse

pp. 47-52

Peter Hare and the Problem of Evil

pp. 53-59

The Workshop of Being

pp. 60-66

Deep Conceptual Play in James and Hare

pp. 67-72

Philosophical Remarks on Peter Hare

pp. 73-77

Grieving a Consummate Professional

pp. 78-81

The Criterion of Habit in Peirce's Definitions of the Symbol

pp. 82-93

An "Entirely Different Series of Categories": Peirce's Material Categories

pp. 94-110

Josiah Royce and the Problems of Philosophical Pedagogy

pp. 111-142


Some Pragmatist Themes (review)

pp. 143-149

Legal Pragmatism: Community, Rights, and Democracy (review)

pp. 149-154