restricted access   Volume 56, Number 1, 2004

Table of Contents

Editor's note

pp. 5-6

The Nahuatization of Paul in La conversión de san Pablo

pp. 7-43

Numancia: "nuestra historia"

pp. 45-54

¿Cómo hacer cosas con los enigmas?: La vida es sueño o el drama del desengaño

pp. 55-75

La herencia de la commedia dell'arte italiana en la conformación del personaje de Juan Rana

pp. 77-96

'Un hombre sin nombre': The Mirroring of Language and Nature in Tirso's El burlador de Sevilla

pp. 97-114

Beleaguered Hegemony and Triangular Desire in Lope de Vega's Las famosas asturianas and John Ford's Stagecoach

pp. 115-142

"Back to Basics"

Special Section on the Comedia at the 2002 MLA Convention:

Back to Basics: What Every Comediante Should Know: Confessions of a Panel Organizer

pp. 145-147

Comedia and the Art of Construction

pp. 149-152

Why We Don't Get No Respect and What We Are Doing About It; Or, The Rapprochement of Body and Mind and the Return of Comedia Studies

pp. 153-161

The Spanish Comedia: On Canons and Kinds

pp. 163-168

What Every Comediante Mentor Should Know

pp. 169-174