Volume 38, Number 1, Spring 2000

Table of Contents

From: Victorian Poetry

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  "Individable Incorporate": Poetic Trends in Women Writers, 1890-1918

pp. 1-14

  Sight and Song : Transparent Translations and a Manifesto for the Observer

pp. 15-34

  Looking "Past Wordsworth and the Rest": Pretexts for Revision in Alice Meynell's "The Shepherdess"

pp. 35-48

  A Tethered Angel: The Martyrology of Alice Meynell

pp. 49-61

  "The Tides of the Mind": Alice Meynell's Poetry of Perception

pp. 62-76

  "Whilst working at my frame": The Poetic Production of Ethel Carnie

pp. 77-93

  "Not a Song to Sell": Re-Presenting A. Mary F. Robinson

pp. 94-108

  Naturally Radical: The Subversive Poetics of Dollie Radford

pp. 109-124

  Grave Passions: Enclosure and Exposure in Charlotte Mew's Graveyard Poetry

pp. 125-140

  Outselling the Modernisms of Men: Amy Lowell and the Art of Self-Commodification

pp. 141-169

  H.D. and the Years of World War I

pp. 170-196


p. 197