restricted access   Volume 20, Number 3, December 2003

Table of Contents


Measuring the Technical Efficiency of Banks in Singapore for the Period 1993-99: An Application and Extension of the Bauer et al. (1997) Technique

pp. 195-210

Exports and Long-run Growth in Vietnam, 1975-2001

pp. 211-232

ASEAN Rice Sector in the WTO: Analysis of Demand and Supply in a Liberalized Trade Environment

pp. 233-243

Linking Agricultural Trade, Land Demand, and Environmental Externalities: Case of Oil Palm in Southeast Asia

pp. 244-255

Capital Account and Foreign Direct Investment Policies in the Late Nineties: What Effect on Trade?

pp. 256-271

Myanmar's Banking Crisis

pp. 272-282

Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Co-operation between India and ASEAN: First Step Towards Economic Integration

pp. 283-291

Realizing the ASEAN Economic Community by 2020: ISEAS and ASEAN-ISIS Approaches

pp. 292-296

Book Reviews

Financial Liberalization and the Economic Crisis in Asia (review)

pp. 297-299

Asian States, Asian Bankers: Central Banking in Southeast Asia (review)

pp. 299-300

Finance for Growth: Policy Choices in a Volatile World (review)

pp. 300-302

The Emergence of a National Economy: An Economic History of Indonesia, 1800-2000 (review)

pp. 302-303

Extremes in the Archipelago: Trade and Economic Development in the Outer Islands of Indonesia, 1900-1942 (review)

pp. 304-305

Timber Booms and Institutional Breakdown in Southeast Asia (review)

pp. 305-306