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Table of Contents


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pp. ix-xvi

The Region

Southeast Asia in 2005: Strength in the Face of Adversity

pp. 1-14

Southeast Asian Economies: A Year of Exogenous Shocks

pp. 15-25

Terrorism: Evolving Regional Alliances and State Failure in Mindanao

pp. 26-38

Japan in an Insecure East Asia: Redefining Its Role in East Asian Community-Building

pp. 39-54

Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam: Consolidating the Polity

pp. 55-70


Cambodia: Positioning for 2008

pp. 71-89


Indonesia: Accomplishments Amidst Challenges

pp. 91-110

Indonesian Military Reform: More Than a Human Rights Issue

pp. 111-125


Laos: The State of the State

pp. 127-147

Malaysia: The Challenge of Money Politics and Religious Activism

pp. 149-171


Mahathir as Muslim Leader

pp. 172-180

Myanmar: Challenges Galore but Opposition Failed to Score

pp. 181-207


Myanmar's Human and Economic Crisis and Its Regional Implications

pp. 208-223

The Philippines: Crisis, Controversies, and Economic Resilience

pp. 225-246

The Philippines

The Abu Sayyaf Group: From Mere Banditry to Genuine Terrorism

pp. 247-262


Singapore: Globalizing on Its Own Terms

pp. 263-282


Thaksin's Political Zenith and Nadir

pp. 283-302

Thailand's Independent Agencies under Thaksin: Relentless Gridlock and Uncertainty

pp. 303-321

Timor Leste

Timor Leste: On a Path of Authoritarianism?

pp. 323-342


Vietnam: Laying the Path for the 10th National Congress

pp. 343-365