restricted access   Volume 26, Number 2, April 2002

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From: The Lion and the Unicorn

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Editor's Note

pp. v-vi



pp. 143-149

The Difficult Art of Making People Laugh: Comic Children's Literature in Italy

pp. 150-168

Apologizing to the Ancient Fable: Gianni Rodari and His Influence on Italian Children's Literature

pp. 169-202

Italian Nursery Rhymes: A Rich, Varied, and Well-Used Landscape

pp. 203-222

The Rhythm of Images

pp. 223-235

The Future of the Profession

pp. 236-242

"History from Below": Time-Slip Narratives and National Identity

pp. 243-253

Monica Hughes, Lois Lowry, and Young Adult Dystopias

pp. 254-264

Book Reviews

Youth, Popular Culture and Moral Panics: Penny Gaffs to Gangsta-Rap, 1830-1996 (review)

pp. 265-270

Hanging Together: Unity and Diversity in American Culture (review)

pp. 271-274

Postmodern Pooh (review)

pp. 274-278

The Louisa May Alcott Encyclopedia, and: Louisa May Alcott & Charlotte Bronte: Transatlantic Translations (review)

pp. 278-283

Baum's Road to Oz: The Dakota Years (review)

pp. 283-286