restricted access   Volume 143, Number 4, October 1998

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pp. 291-292

Letter to the Editor

pp. 293-295

Feature Articles

Child Involvement and Stress in Greek Mothers of Deaf Children

pp. 296-304

Hopwood, Affirmative Action, and Deaf Education

pp. 305-313

Is There Room in the DSM for Consideration of Deaf People?

pp. 314-317

Viewer Reaction to Different Television Captioning Speeds

pp. 318-324

Problem-Solving Strategies for Teaching Mathematics to Deaf Students

pp. 325-336

Development of Text Structure Knowledge as Assessed by Spoken and Signed Retellings of a Deaf Second-Grade Student

pp. 337-346

Characteristics of Hearing Families and Their Young Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: Early Intervention Follow-Up

pp. 347-362