restricted access   Volume 143, Number 1, March 1998

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Letter to the Editor

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Feature Articles

How Do Deaf and Hearing Mothers Regain Eye Contact When Their Infants Look Away?

pp. 5-13

Assessing Substance Abuse Problems in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals

pp. 14-21

Mathematics Reform in the Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

pp. 22-28

The Deaf Mentor Experimental Project for Young Children Who Are Deaf and Their Families

pp. 29-34

A Comparison Study of Educational Involvement of Hearing Parents of Deaf and Hearing Children of Elementary School Age

pp. 35-39

National Survey of School Counselors Working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: Two Decades Later

pp. 40-45

Profiling Hispanic Deaf Students: A First Step Toward Solving the Greater Problems

pp. 46-54

The Association Between Racelessness and Achievement Among African American Deaf Adolescents

pp. 55-64