restricted access   Volume 144, Number 3, July 1999

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pp. 223-224

Letter to the Editor

p. 225

Feature Articles

Resilience and Success Among Deaf High School Students: Three Case Studies

pp. 226-235

Teacher Educators in Deaf Education: Why They Entered Higher Education and Their Current Priorities and Accomplishments

pp. 236-241

New Medical Technology: To What Does It Lead?

pp. 242-249

Evaluation of Captioning Features to Inform Development of Digital Television Captioning Capabilities

pp. 250-260

The Educational Attainments of Deaf Students in Mainstream Programs in England: Examination Results and Influencing Factors

pp. 261-269

A Deaf Child's Language Acquisition Verified Through Text Retelling

pp. 270-280

Removing Barriers and Building Bridges: American Deaf Interns Teaching Chinese Deaf Children

pp. 281-288