restricted access   Volume 24, Number 3, September 2000

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From: The Lion and the Unicorn

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pp. v-ix

Storying War: A Capsule Overview

pp. 327-336

What Must I Give Up in Order to Grow Up? The Great War and Childhood Survival Strategies in Transatlantic Picture Books

pp. 337-359

Children, War, and the Imaginative Space of Fairy Tales

pp. 360-377

A New Algorithm in Evil: Children's Literature in a Post-Holocaust World

pp. 378-401

Saving the Picture: Holocaust Photographs in Children's Books

pp. 402-431

Making Sense Out of Senselessness: The Social Construction of Adolescent Reality in the War Novels of Robert Westall

pp. 432-444

"No Safe Place to Run To": An Interview with Robert Cormier

pp. 445-464

Book Reviews

The Philosopher's Child: Critical Essays in the Western Tradition (review)

pp. 465-468

The Children's Culture Reader (review)

pp. 468-473

Young Adult Science Fiction (review)

pp. 473-475