restricted access   Volume 145, Number 5, December 2000

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p. 387

Letter to the Editor

pp. 388-393

Feature Articles

Deaf Children Creating Written Texts: Contributions of American Sign Language and Signed Forms of English

pp. 394-403

Welcome to the Real World: Reflections on Teaching and Administration

pp. 404-410

Developmental Practicum Experiences of Preservice Teachers in Deaf Education: Implications for Practicum Placement and Faculty-Student Collaborative Research

pp. 411-419

Diversity of Deaf Identities

pp. 420-428

Results of Two National Surveys of Leadership Personnel Needs in Deaf Education

pp. 429-435

Syntactic and Semantic Processing in Hebrew Readers with Prelingual Deafness

pp. 436-451

Documenting English Syntactic Development in Face-to-Face Signed Communication

pp. 452-463

Time Spent Viewing Captions on Television Programs

pp. 464-468

2000 Annual Index

pp. 469-472