restricted access   Volume 145, Number 4, October 2000

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pp. 299-300

Deafness and Ethnicity: Services, Policy and Politics (review)

pp. 301-302

Feature Articles

Long-Term Career Attainments of Deaf and Hard of Hearing College Graduates: Results From a 15-Year Follow-up Survey

pp. 303-314

The Sign Language Skills Classroom Observation: A Process for Describing Sign Language Proficiency in Classroom Settings

pp. 315-341

College Teachers' Perceptions of English Language Characteristics that Identify English Language Learning Disabled Deaf Students

pp. 342-358

Beyond Parent Education: The Impact of Extended Family Dynamics in Deaf Education

pp. 359-365

"A Good Future for Deaf Children": A Five-Year Sign Language Intervention Project

pp. 366-374

Factors Contributing to Parents' Selection of a Communication Mode to Use With Their Deaf Children

pp. 375-383