restricted access   Volume 145, Number 1, March 2000

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Legal Rights: The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People (review)

pp. 4-5

Feature Articles

Infants with Congenital Deafness: On the Importance of Early Sign Language Acquisition

pp. 6-14

Deaf Teacher Candidates in Hearing Classrooms: A Unique Teacher Preparation Program

pp. 15-21

Hand/Wrist Disorders Among Sign Language Communicators

pp. 22-25

Cochlear Implants for Younger Children: A Preliminary Description of the Parental Decision Process and Outcomes

pp. 26-32

Helping Our Students Meet the Standards through Test Preparation Classes

pp. 33-40

Hearing Impairment, Social Networks, and Coping: The Need for Families with Hearing-Impaired Children to Relate to Other Parents and to Hearing-Impaired Adults

pp. 41-53

Teachers' Ratings of Functional Communication in Students with Cochlear Implants

pp. 54-59