restricted access   Volume 141, Number 3, July 1996

Table of Contents


Countdown to 150

p. 219

Feature Articles

CEC-CED Joint Knowledge and Skills Statement for All Becoming Teachers of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

pp. 220-223

Survey of Literacy Environments and Practices in Residences at Schools for the Deaf

pp. 224-230

Turkish Families With Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: A Systems Approach in Assessing Family Functioning

pp. 231-235

Speechreading and Speechreading Tests: A Survey of Rehabilitative Audiologists

pp. 236-239

ENFI — An Approach to Teaching Writing Through Computers

pp. 240-244

Dyadic Interactions Between Deaf Children and Their Communication Partners

pp. 245-251

Digit Span, Articulatory Suppression, and the Deaf: A Study of the Hong Kong Chinese

pp. 252-257

Cochlear Implants in Prelingually Deaf Children

pp. 258-262