restricted access   Volume 142, Number 1, March 1997

Table of Contents


History Doesn't Repeat Itself, But it Sure Does Rhyme (With Apologies to Mark Twain)

pp. 3-4

Letter to the Editor

p. 5

Media Review

All of Us Together: The Story of Inclusion at the Kinzie School (review)

p. 6

Featured Articles

Reforming Deaf Education: A Paradigm Shift From How to Teach to What to Teach

pp. 7-15

What's Up, Billy Jo?: Deaf Children and Bilingual-Bicultural Instruction in East-Central Texas

pp. 16-25

Teachers of the Deaf as Compared with Other Groups of Teachers: Attitudes Toward People with Disabilities and Inclusion

pp. 26-33

Teachers' Perceptions and Actions in Carrying Out Communication Policies in a Public School for the Deaf

pp. 34-39

Patterns of Classroom Discourse in an Integrated, Interpreted Elementary School Setting

pp. 40-47

Stress and Coping Among African American and Hispanic Parents of Deaf Children

pp. 48-56

The Beginning Teacher of the Deaf in the United States: A View From the Field

pp. 57-63