restricted access   Volume 135, Number 5, December 1990

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p. 341

Original Articles

A Method for Transcribing Signed and Spoken Language

pp. 343-351

The School-to-Community Transition of Hearing-Impaired Persons With Developmental Disabilities: A Review of the Empirical Literature

pp. 352-363

Looking Into a Deaf Child's Future: A Brief Treatment Approach

pp. 364-370

Enhancing Parents' Use of SEE-2: Progress and Retention

pp. 371-378

Teachers and Artificial Intelligence: The Logo Connection

pp. 379-383

Classification of the Hearing Impaired for Independent Living Using the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale

pp. 384-388

The Feeling of Knowing in Deaf Adolescents

pp. 389-395

Making Adult Education Accessible to the Deaf: A Model of Direct Instructor Communication in ASL

pp. 396-401

Influence and Adaptability in Families With Deaf Parents and Hearing Children

pp. 402-408

Developing the Ability of Hearing-Impaired Students to Comprehend and Generate Question Forms

pp. 409-412

American Annals of the Deaf: Annual Index, 1990

pp. 413-416