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Enhancing Opportunities in Postsecondary Education for Deaf Students by John G. Schroedel and Douglas Watson (review)

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Original Article

Teachers' Use of Simultaneous Communication: Effects on the Signed and Spoken Components

pp. 381-387

Terminology and Methods in the Education of the Deaf: Questions for the Experts

pp. 388-391

The Black and Deaf Movements in America Since 1960: Parallelism and an Agenda for the Future

pp. 392-400

Characteristics That Contribute to Effective Simultaneous Communication

pp. 401-408

The Prevalence of Boredom Proneness and Depression Among Profoundly Deaf Residential School Adolescents

pp. 409-413

Students' Perceptions of Communication Ease and Engagement: How They Relate to Academic Success

pp. 414-421

Skills Needed for Teaching Hearing-Impaired Adolescents: The Perceptions of Teachers

pp. 422-427

Using Immediate Recall to Assess Language Proficiency in Deaf Students

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