restricted access   Volume 136, Number 4, October 1991

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pp. 307-308

Letters to the Editor

pp. 309-310

Book Reviews

What's That Pig Outdoors? A Memoir of Deafness by Henry Kisor (review)

p. 311

Educational and Developmental Aspects of Deafness ed. by Donald F. Moores and Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans (review)

pp. 311-312

Original Articles

Conservation and Metaphor Acquisition in Hearing-Impaired Children: Some Relationships With Communication Mode, Hearing Acuity, Schooling, and Age

pp. 313-320

A Coactive Sign System For Children Who Are Dual-Sensory Impaired

pp. 321-324

ASL and the Family System

pp. 325-329

Improving the Career Decisions of Deaf Seniors in Residential and Day High Schools

pp. 330-338

A National Profile of School-Based Transition Programs for Deaf Adolescents

pp. 339-348

When the Same Is Different: A Comparison of the Information Processing Strategies of Deaf and Hearing People

pp. 349-353

Self-Concept in Hearing and Prelingual, Profoundly Deaf Students: A Comparison of Teachers' Perceptions

pp. 354-359

Family-Centered Early Intervention: The Perceptions of Professionals

pp. 360-366

Special Insert

Summary of Amendments to the CAID By-Laws

pp. 367-376