restricted access   Volume 137, Number 1, March 1992

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Letters to the Editor

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Original Articles

Are We Ready for PL 99-457?

pp. 7-13

Improving the Validity of the PSNI in Assessing the Performance of Deaf Parents of Hearing Children

pp. 14-21

Reading Comprehension Test Item Difficulty As a Function of Cognitive Processing Variables

pp. 22-30

Informing Parents About Educational Options: How Well Are We Doing?

pp. 31-39

Interpreter's Wrist: Repetitive Stress Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Sign Language Interpreters

pp. 40-43

The Influence of Personal Characteristics on Rumor Knowledge and Transmission Among the Deaf

pp. 44-47

Roberto Francisco Prádez: Spain's First Deaf Teacher of the Deaf

pp. 48-55

Vision Problems Among Students in Schools and Programs for Deaf Children: A Survey of Teachers of Deaf Students

pp. 56-60