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Educational Placement and Residential Schools

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A Free Hand: Enfranchising the Education of Deaf Children (review)

pp. 381-387

Original Articles

Minority and Minority-Deaf Professional: How Many and Where Are They?

pp. 388-396

Constructing Meaning from Narrative Text: Cognitive Processes of Deaf Children

pp. 397-403

Research-Based Language Intervention Strategies Adapted for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

pp. 404-410

Outreach: The Resource of State Schools for the Deaf

pp. 411-414

Psychological Evaluation of Adults in a Cochlear Implant Program

pp. 415-419

Screening Procedures Used to Identify Children With Hearing Loss

pp. 420-426

A Longitudinal Study of Intellectually Gifted Deaf and Hard of Hearing People: Educational, Psychological, and Career Outcomes

pp. 427-434

Reading Comprehension of Deaf Readers: The Impact of Too Many or Too Few Questions

pp. 435-441

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Annual Index, 1993

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