restricted access   Volume 138, Number 3, July 1993

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Total Inclusion/Zero Reject Models in General Education: Implications for Deaf Children

p. 251

Original Articles

Characteristics of Effective Teachers: A Descriptive Study of the Perceptions of Faculty and Deaf College Students

pp. 252-259

Demographic and Audiological Profiles of Deaf Children in Texas With Cochlear Implants

pp. 260-266

A National Survey of School Psychological Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

pp. 267-274

The Expressive Communication of Hearing Mothers and Deaf Infants

pp. 275-283

Factors That Contribute to Stress As Reported by Teachers of Deaf Students at Residential Schools

pp. 284-287

Recall of English Function Words and Inflections by Skilled and Average Deaf Readers

pp. 288-296

Parental Expectations As a Factor in Evaluating Children for the Multichannel Cochlear Implant

pp. 297-303

Getting There: Update on Recommendations by the Commission on Education of the Deaf

pp. 304-308


p. 309