restricted access   Volume 139, Number 4, October 1994

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Eugenics Revisited: Heredity Deafness and Genetic Technology

p. 393

Original Articles

Behavior Problems with Deaf Dutch Boys

pp. 394-399

Deaf Finnish Adults' Views of Their Society: Knowledge, Satisfaction, Values and Attitudes

pp. 400-403

The Effectiveness of an Intervener Model of Services for Young Deaf-Blind Children

pp. 404-409

The Relationship Between Emotional-Behavioral Functioning and Personal Characteristics on Performance Outcomes of Hearing Impaired Students

pp. 410-414

Assessing the Efficacy of an Academic Hearing Peer Tutor for a Profoundly Deaf Student

pp. 415-419

Play Behavior and Communication Between Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Their Hearing Peers in an Integrated Preschool

pp. 420-429

Classroom Attributes and Achievement Test Scores for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

pp. 430-437

Deaf Autonomy and Deaf Dependence: The Early Years of the Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf

pp. 438-447