restricted access   Volume 2, 2002

Table of Contents


Levi ben Gerson's Preliminary Remarks for a Theory of Planetary Latitudes

pp. 15-27

Levi Ben Gerson's Star List for 1336

pp. 31-57

A Newly Discovered Letter by Galileo Galilei: Contacts Between Galileo and Jacob Rosales (Manoel Bocarro Francês), a Seventeenth-Century Jewish Scientist and Sebastianist

pp. 59-91

"The Ignorant Hold Back their Judgment and Await the Conclusions of the Knowing": Moses Mendelssohn and Other Mathematicians

pp. 93-109

Some Jewish Responses to Smallpox Prevention in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries: A New Perspective on the Modernization of European Jewry

pp. 111-144

Why Are Jews Preeminent in Science and Scholarship?: The Veblen Thesis Reconsidered

pp. 145-163

Disscussion Forum

On the Beginnings of Hebrew Scientific Literature and on Studying History Through "Maqbiloṯ" (Parallels)

pp. 165-189

Is There an Indian Connection to Sefer yeṣirah?

pp. 191-199

Further Thoughts on the Origins of Sefer yeṣirah

pp. 201-221

Brief Communication

A Newly-Discovered Partial Hebrew Version of al-Khwārizmī's Algebra

pp. 223-234

On Gersonides' Knowledge of Languages

pp. 235-257

How Much Arabic Did Joseph Kaspi Know?

pp. 259-270

Some Jewish Contributions to Iberian Astronomy

pp. 271-278

From my Notebooks

pp. 279-290


Some Recently — Published Books

pp. 191-302

Notes on Contributors

pp. 303-305