restricted access   Volume 3, 2003

Table of Contents


The Disenchantment of Knowledge: The Emergence of the Ideal of Open Knowledge in Ancient Israel and in Classical Greece

pp. 15-81

A Bibliography of the Published Writings of Amos Funkenstein (1937-1995)

pp. 83-95

A Hebrew Translation of Hippocrates' De superfoetatione: Historical Introduction and Critical Edition

pp. 97-113

The First References in Hebrew to al-Biṭrūjī's On the Principles of Astronomy

pp. 145-163

Conceptions of Astral Magic Within Jewish Rationalism in the Byzantine Empire

pp. 165-211

Matthias Jakob Schieiden (1804-1881): The History of Jewish Interest in Science and the Methodology of Microscopic Botany

pp. 213-245

Three Twentieth-Century Jewish Responses to Evolutionary Theory

pp. 247-290

Brief Communications

From my Notebooks: Two Treatises on the Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

pp. 293-299

A Rediscovered Autograph Manuscript by Mordekay Finzi

pp. 301-325

Memorial Tribute

In Memoriam: Franz Rosenthal August 31, 1914-April 8, 2003

pp. 329-342


Bibliographia Gersonideana, 1992-2002

pp. 345-374


Recently Published Books

pp. 375-410

Notes on Contributors

pp. 411-413