restricted access   Volume 16, Number 3, 2010

Table of Contents

In the Queer Archive: Fun Home

pp. iv-361

Bent Hemingway: Straightness, Sexuality, Style

pp. 363-387

Mainstream Fiction, Gay Reviewers, and Gay Male Cultural Politics in the 1970s

pp. 389-427

Moving Pictures: Moving Pictures: AIDS on Film and Video: Paul Sendziuk

p. 429

Guest Editor's Introduction

p. 430

Queer AIDS Media and the Question of the Archive

pp. 431-435

Contemplation and Urgency: Differing Strategies of Filmmakers and Video Makers Confronting AIDS

pp. 436-441

Demonstrations of Care: The Act Up Oral Histories on Video

pp. 441-444

Philadelphia or Death

pp. 444-449

Book Reviews

Why Men Still Aren't Enough

pp. 451-464

Diversity, Dissent, and Decision Making: The Challenge to LGBT Politics

pp. 465-472

Books in Brief

"Step Right Up, Come On In . . ."

pp. 473-475

A Queer View of Capitalism in Crisis

pp. 476-478

An Undecided Blackness

pp. 479-481

No Quick Fix

pp. 482-484

Surveying the Legal Landscape for Queer Parents in the United States

pp. 485-487

How Can I Ignore the Girl Next Door?

pp. 487-490

About the Contributors

About the Contributors

pp. 491-492