restricted access   Volume 19, Number 1, June 1995

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From: The Lion and the Unicorn

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Special Issue: European Children's Literature Theory

Editor's introduction

pp. v-xii


On the Success of Children's Books and Fairy Tales: A Comparative View of Impact Theory and Reception Research

pp. 1-19

Charles Perrault and Jean-Jacques Rousseau to the Rescue of French Research: Literary Symbolism, "The Purloined Letter" of Research

pp. 20-40

Poetics and Practicality: Children's Literature and Theory in Britain

pp. 41-49

Pedagogy, Aesthetics, and Humanism: The Three Muses of Italian Children's Literature Theory

pp. 50-70

"Rosy Cheeks" and "Shining Eyes" as Criteria in Children's Theater Criticism

pp. 71-76

The Limits of Literary Criticism of Children's and Young Adult Literature

pp. 77-94

Book Reviews

Charting the outlines of Canadian children's literature

pp. 95-101

Mark Twain between Saint and Satan, or the Impossible epos of androgynous reconciliations

pp. 102-106

Adventures in the psyche

pp. 107-109

New troll territory : Hawthorne's literature for children

pp. 110-113

The Delicate art of turn-of-the century literary networking

pp. 114-117

(En)lightening Louisa

pp. 118-122

When girls (and boys) just want to have fun

pp. 123-127

The state of contemporary children's literature criticism

pp. 128-133

Moral majorities?: reconceiving the literary world we have lost

pp. 134-144


pp. 145-147