restricted access   Volume 24, Number 2, November 1998

Table of Contents


Hume's Labyrinth Concerning the Idea of Personal Identity

pp. 203-233

The Point of Hume's Skepticism with Regard to Reason: the Primacy of Facility Affect in the Theory of Human Understanding

pp. 235-273

Hume's General Point of View

pp. 275-294

Hume's Wide View of the Virtues: An Analysis of his Early Critics

pp. 295-311

Hume, Multiperspectival Pluralism, and Authorial Voice

pp. 313-334

"An Unaccountable Pleasure": Hume on Tragedy and the Passions

pp. 335-354

Book Reviews

Donald Livingston's Philosophical Melancholy and Delirium: Hume's Pathology of Philosophy

pp. 355-366

Ruling Passions: A Theory of Practical Reasoning (review)

pp. 367-371

Thinking in Pictures (review)

pp. 372-374

The Mind of David Hume: A Companion to Book I of A Treatise of Human Nature (review)

pp. 375-379

Common Sense and Improvement: Thomas Reid as Social Theorist (review)

pp. 380-383


The Hume Literature, 1997

pp. 385-396

Index to Volume XXIV

pp. 397-398

Hume Studies Referees, 1997-1998

pp. 399-400