restricted access   Volume 21, Number 2, November 1995

Table of Contents


On Hume's Conservatism

pp. 151-164

The Public Interest vs. Old Rights

pp. 165-188

Commentary on John B. Stewart

pp. 189-192

A Response to Douglas Long

pp. 193-195

David Hume and Moses Mendelssohn

pp. 197-220

The French Context of Hume's Philosophical Theology

pp. 221-236

Hume's Language of Scepticism

pp. 237-254

Hume's Natural History of Religion

pp. 255-274

Virtue, Commerce, and Self-Love

pp. 275-287

The Problem of the National Self in Hume's Theory of Justice

pp. 289-313

Robertson, Hume, and the Balance of Power

pp. 315-332

Book Reviews

Adam Potkay's The Fate of Eloquence in the Age of Hume

pp. 333-339

Author's Response: A Reply to Mark Box

pp. 340-343

Wayne Waxman's Hume's Theory of Consciousness

pp. 344-350

Faith, Scepticism & Personal Identity: A Festschrift for Terence Penelhum (review)

pp. 351-354

A Social History of Truth: Civility and Science in Seventeenth Century England (review)

pp. 355-356

The Hume Literature, 1994

pp. 357-366


p. 366

Index to Volume XXI

pp. 367-368

Hume Studies Referees, 1994-1995

pp. 379-380