restricted access   Volume 29, Number 2, November 2003

Table of Contents


Epistemology Moralized: David Hume's Practical Epistemology

pp. 165-204

The Origin of the Indirect Passions in the Treatise: An Analogy between Books 1 and 2

pp. 205-221

A Diplomatic Transcription of Hume's "volunteer pamphlet" for Archibald Stewart: Political Whigs, Religious Whigs, and Jacobites

pp. 223-231

A True Account of the Behaviour and Conduct of Archibald Stewart, Esq; Late Lord Provost of Edinburgh. In a Letter to a Friend.

pp. 232-266

Skepticism and Philo's Atheistic Preference

pp. 267-282

Philo's Argument for Divine Amorality Reconsidered

pp. 283-304

Hume, Sympathy, and the Theater

pp. 305-325

The Obituary of a Vain Philosopher: Adam Smith's Reflections on Hume's Life

pp. 327-362

Critical Study

"So Great a Question": A Critical Study of Raymond Martin and John Barresi, Naturalization of the Soul: Self and Personal Identity in the Eighteenth Century

pp. 363-373

Book Reviews

Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man (review)

pp. 375-377

The Correspondence of Thomas Reid (review)

pp. 378-380


The Hume Literature, 2002

pp. 381-400

Index to Volume 29

pp. 401-402

Hume Studies Referees, 2002-2003

pp. 403-404