restricted access   Volume 2, 2002

Table of Contents


pp. vii-viii

I. Roundtable Discussion of Choquette's Frenchmen into Peasants


pp. 1-9

Three Short Discourses on Reading Leslie Choquette

pp. 11-17

Frenchmen into Peasants? Second Thoughts on a Putative Paradox

pp. 19-27

II. Confronting the New World

The Noble Savage Revisited: "Nature Alone" in the New World as Reported by Yves d'Evreux

pp. 29-44

The French West Indies During the Nine Years' War, 1688-1697: A Review and Reappraisal

pp. 45-59

Alcohol Consumption in Eighteenth-Century Louisbourg and the Vain Attempts to Control It

pp. 61-76

Consumer Choices and Colonial Identity in Saint-Domingue

pp. 77-92

III. The Making and Unmaking of French North Africa

Turning French Convicts into Colonists: The Second Empire's Political Prisoners in Algeria, 1852-1858

pp. 93-113

French and Algerian Identity Formation in 1890s Algiers

pp. 115-143

Consequences of French Colonization for North African Jews: The Division of a Cohesive Minority

pp. 145-157

IV Colonial State and Colonial Subjects in Twentieth-Century French Indochina

A Reconsideration of the Fourth Republic's Legacy and Algerian Decolonization

pp. 159-180

Workers, Culture, and the Railroads in French Colonial Indochina, 1905-1936

pp. 181-198

Attacks on a Tax: Struggles over State-Imposed Alcohol in the Villages of Northern Vietnam, 1893-1913

pp. 199-216