restricted access   Volume 2, Number 2, 2002

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

pp. ix-xii

Crimes of Fashion: The Pachuca and Chicana Style Politics

pp. 1-35

Mary, Staring at Me

pp. 36-40

Bodies, Choices, Globalizing Neocolonial Enchantments: African Matriarchs and Mammy Water

pp. 41-66

Meridians Interview with Marilyn Chin

pp. 67-69

The Cock's Wife, and: Bold Beauty, and: Kali-fornia, and: Bad Date, and: Take a Left at the Waters of Samsara

pp. 70-77

Be Careful What You Ask For: The Goddesses Might Be Listening

pp. 78-97

A Mask of Razorblades & the Voice of the Rain, and: My Favorite Boatperson

pp. 98-100

Revolutionary Vision: Black Women Writers, Black Nationalist Ideology, and Interracial Sexuality

pp. 101-125

Neighbors, and: August Days

pp. 126-127

"That Little Boy": An English Translation of Jyotirmoyee Devi's Bengali Short Story "Shei Chheleta"

pp. 128-131

That Little Boy

pp. 131-145

In Many Worlds: A Discussion with Egyptian Artist Sabah Naeem

pp. 146-162

Diasporadas: Black Women and the Fine Art of Activism

pp. 163-184

How Sukie Come Free

pp. 185-187

Returning the American Gaze: Pandita Ramabai's The Peoples of the United States, 1889

pp. 188-212

Extracts from the Translated Text The Peoples of the United States

pp. 200-209


pp. 213-214

Chitra Divakaruni's The Mistress of Spices: Deploying Mystical Realism

pp. 215-236

Intersectionality in an Era of Globalization: The Implications of the UN World Conference against Racism for Transnational Feminist Practices—A Conference Report

pp. 237-248


p. 249

September 11: A Feminist Archive

pp. 250-253

First Writing Since

pp. 254-258

Song of War

pp. 259-265

Statement by Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan (RAWA)

pp. 266-267

In Search of Justice, Human Rights, and a Just Peace by Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML)

pp. 268-270

Statement by Women in Black

p. 271

Call for a Non-Violent Response in the Aftermath

pp. 272-273

Rigoberta Menchú Envio Carta a George W. Bush / Letter from Rigoberta Menchú to President George W. Bush

pp. 274-277

Why I Opposed the Resolution to Authorize Force

pp. 278-280

Statement by Coalition of 100 Black Women

pp. 281-282

Women's Resistance Conference—Excerpts from Speech

pp. 283-288

War Frenzy

pp. 289-297

Whose Fundamentalism?

pp. 298-301

Transnational Feminist Practices Against War

pp. 302-308

Women and War

pp. 309-311

About the Contributors

pp. 312-315


p. 318