restricted access   Volume 1, Number 3, Fall 2005

Table of Contents


Revisiting the Abbasid Harems

pp. 1-19

In the Shadow of the State: Changing Definitions of Arab Women's "Developmental" Citizenship Rights

pp. 20-45

Religious Bodies and the Secular State: The Merve Kavakçi Affair

pp. 46-72

The Argument from Silence: Morocco's Truth Commission and Women Political Prisoners

pp. 73-95

Brief Communications

Amnesty International and the Idea of Muslim Women's Human Rights

pp. 96-107

Divorced From Justice

pp. 108-115

Book Reviews

Rethinking Orientalism: Women, Travel and the Ottoman Harem (review)

pp. 116-122

The New Mamluks: Egyptian Society and Modern Feudalism (review)

pp. 122-125

Shirin: Christian-Queen-Myth of Love: A Woman of Late Antiquity—Historical Reality and Literary Effect (review)

pp. 125-127

Islam and Social Policy (review)

pp. 127-130

Muslim Women in the United Kingdom and Beyond: Experiences and Images (review)

pp. 130-132

The Female Voice in Sufi Ritual: Devotional Practices of Pakistan and India (review)

pp. 133-138

Birthing the Nation: Strategies of Palestinian Women in Israel (review)

pp. 139-144

Reading Lolita in Tehran (review)

pp. 144-147

A Thousand Sighs, A Thousand Revolts: Journeys in Kurdistan (review)

pp. 147-151



pp. 152-153