restricted access   Volume 33, Number 2, 2003

Table of Contents

Special Focus: The American West(s) in Film, Television, and History

The Editor's Reflections and Reports

pp. 1-6

The West Wing: The American Presidency as Television Drama

pp. 6-8

The American West(s) in Film, Television, and History: Introduction

pp. 9-11

Professional Women—Women in The Professionals (1966)

pp. 12-18

Rewriting the West as Multi-Cultural: Legend Meets Complex Histories in la Frontera in John Sayles' Lone Star (1996)

pp. 19-25

Revisiting the "Revisionist" Western

pp. 26-35

Henry Hathaway's Rawhide and the Hermetic Frontiers of Film Noir

pp. 36-47

Cowboys and Comedy: The Simultaneous Deconstruction and Reinforcement of Generic Conventions in the Western Parody

pp. 48-54

Turner Network Television's Made-for-TV Western Films and the Social Construction of Authenticity

pp. 55-64

American History through Feature Films: a Middle School Unit

pp. 65-69

The Perilous Fight: America's World War II in Color

pp. 70-72

Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor

pp. 72-74


pp. 74-75


pp. 75-77

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

pp. 77-78

Elizabeth: Polygram Films (1998)

pp. 78-80

Words at War: World War II Era Radio Drama and the Postwar Broadcasting Industry Blacklist (review)

pp. 81-82

Cinemas of the World: Film and Society from 1895 to the Present Day (review)

pp. 82-83

Korean War Filmography: 91 English Language Features through 2000 (review)

pp. 83-84

The Magic Hour: Film at Fin de Siecle (review)

pp. 84-85

The Big Screen Comedies of Mel Brooks (review)

pp. 85-86

H. G. Wells on Film: The Utopian Nightmare (review)

pp. 86-87

The American War Film: History and Hollywood (review)

pp. 87-88

Polish National Cinema (review)

pp. 88-89

The Cinema of Generation X: A Critical Study (review)

pp. 89-90

God Bless America: Tin Pan Alley Goes to War (review)

pp. 90-91

Screen Saviors: Hollywood Fictions of Whiteness (review)

pp. 91-92

The Infernal Return: The Recurrence of the Primordial in Films of the Reaction Years, 1977-1983 (review)

pp. 92-93