restricted access   Volume 28, Numbers 3-4, 1998

Table of Contents

Special Focus: Oliver Stone as Cinematic Historian, Part II

The Editor's Reflections and Reports

pp. 1-3

Oliver Stone as Cinematic Historian (Part II)

p. 4

Oliver Stone as Cinematic Historian, Part II

New Left, Revisionist, In-Your-Face History: Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July Experience

pp. 6-17

Oliver Stone's Salvador (1986): Revolution for the Unacquainted

pp. 18-27

Way Cooler than Manson: Natural Born Killers (1994)

pp. 28-36

Jim Morrison, Oliver Stone, and the Quest for the Sixties

pp. 38-46

Eisenstein Anniversary Essay (1898-1998)

Remembering Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein, 1898-1998: Wagnerian Opera in Stalin's Diplomacy

pp. 48-56

An Encomium to Richard Raack, Historian-Filmmaker

p. 57

Saving Private Ryan Discussion

Realism, Genre, and Saving Private Ryan

pp. 58-62

Made You Look: Towards a Critical Evaluation of Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan

pp. 64-71

An Internet Discussion of Saving Private Ryan

pp. 72-81

Film Reviews

Artemisia (1998) (review)

pp. 81-82

North Carolina History

pp. 84-85

Olympia (review)

pp. 86-87

Book Reviews

Twelve Essays

p. 92

Mayhem and Gore

pp. 93-87

Only a Nickel and a Dream

pp. 94-81

Milk a Cow

pp. 95-87

Not so Fast

pp. 96-85

A Predestined Consequence

p. 97

Thorny Issues

pp. 98-99

Only Good Indian

p. 99

Labor of Love

pp. 100-170

Clever Fabrication

p. 101

World War I Subject of Two Quite Different Books

pp. 102-163

Postcolonial Culture

pp. 103-163

Shrewd Box-Office Icon

p. 104

Momentous Reversals

p. 105

So Much Minutiae

p. 106

World War II Records

p. 107

International Liaison

Liaison 1: Europe: Notes from a Cambridge Colloquium

p. 108

Liaison 2: Scandinavia: Film and History in Scandinavia

pp. 109-110