restricted access   Volume 28, Numbers 1-2, 1998

Table of Contents

Special Focus: Oliver Stone as Cinematic Historian, Part 1

The Editor's Reflections and Reports

pp. 1-3

Special Editor's Introduction: Oliver Stone as Cinematic Historian

pp. 5-7

Oliver Stone as Cinematic Historian, Part I

Teaching JFK (1991): Potential Dynamite in the Hands of Our Youth?

pp. 8-15

Wall Street (1987): The Stockbroker's Son and the Decade of Greed

pp. 16-27

Oliver Stone

p. 28

Films with an Ethnic Perspective

Yiddish Film and the American Immigrant Experience

pp. 30-44

Food and Sex, That's All We're Good for: Images of Women in Like Water for Chocolate (1993) (review)

pp. 46-48

Methods and Resources

Motion Picture Press Kits: A Resource for Film Study

pp. 50-54

Film Reviews

The History Channel Presents The Fifties (1997)

pp. 56-60

Amistad (1997): An Internet Review of Merit (review)

pp. 62-68

What Price Glory?

pp. 69-71

Titanic (1997) (review)

pp. 70-71

Book Reviews

Critically Misunderstood

p. 72

Positive Public Image

pp. 73-71

An Elegiac Outlook

p. 74

Operatic Melodramas

pp. 75-71

Usual Magic

pp. 76-77

Detailed Attention

p. 78

Down with Communism!

p. 79