restricted access   Volume 27, Numbers 1-4, 1997

Table of Contents

Special Focus: World War II in Film

Special Editor's Introduction: World War II in Film and History

pp. 1-3

World War II in Film

Anglophilia on Film: Creating an Atmosphere for Alliance, 1935-1941

pp. 4-21

A Change of Heart: Alvin York and the Movie Sergeant York

pp. 22-33

"All Unquiet on the Hollywood Front": Actor Lew Ayres as Conscientious Objector

pp. 34-39

Awakening A Sleeping Giant: The Pearl Harbor Attack on Film

pp. 40-46

Democracy Goes to War: Air Force (1943)

pp. 48-52

This is the Army (1943): The Show Musical Goes to War

pp. 54-60

Tough 'Ombres and Battleground: The Reel War and The Real War

pp. 62-67

Differing Understandings of Captivity in Uranus

pp. 68-71

Individual Commitment in To Have and Have Not (1944)

pp. 72-79

Archetypes as Propaganda in Alfred Hitchcock's "Lost" World War II Films

pp. 80-87

The Atomic Agincourt: Henry V and the Filmic Making of Postwar Anglo-American Cultural Relations

pp. 88-94

America, World War II, and the Movies: An Annotated Booklist

pp. 96-107

Bringing the War Home: William Wyler and World War II

pp. 108-118

The Elusive Factoid: World War II Motivation at Warner Bros.?

pp. 120-122

Book Reviews

So Simple and Clear Cut

pp. 124-133

Shedding Light on Franceso Rosi

p. 126

Mangled Memories

p. 127

Directorial Conflict

pp. 128-129

A Decline in Viewership

pp. 130-133

"Schindler's Singularity"

pp. 131-135

Perception, Memory or Myth

pp. 132-133

A Double Outsider

pp. 134-135

Hymn to Mainstream Values

p. 136

Stamp of Approval

pp. 137-129

Largest Audience

pp. 138-141

Sound Analysis

p. 139

An Invaluable Resource

pp. 140-129

Metaphorical Journeys

p. 141

President Roosevelt's Call

p. 142

Common Experiences

p. 143

The Thorniest of Issues

pp. 144-145