restricted access   Volume 26, Numbers 1-4, 1996

Table of Contents

Special Focus: The American Frontier in Film

Oliver Stone Session at 1997 American Historical Association Meeting in New York City: A Pictorial Report

pp. 1-3

The American Frontier in Film

Overview of Our Mega-Issue on the West

pp. 4-5

John Ford's Vision of the Closing West: From Optimism to Cynicism

pp. 6-19

Too Long in the Wasteland: Visions of the American West in Film, 1980-1990

pp. 20-29

Representing Truth and History in Native American Documentary: Indigenous Efforts to Counter Mass Media Stereotypes

pp. 30-39

American Frontier Myth and the Flight of Apollo 13: From News Event to Feature Film

pp. 40-51

Feature Films and Culture

The American Jewish Immigrant Family in Film and History: The Historical Accuracy of Barry Levinson's Avalon

pp. 52-60


Our Town in Cold War America: The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (1950-1958)

pp. 62-70

Resources and Methodology

From Celluloid to Silicon: A Practical Guide to Film Resources on the World Wide Web

pp. 72-77

Western Films: A Bibliography

pp. 78-80


The Hollywood Feature Film as Historical Artifact

pp. 82-84

Film Reviews

Make Time for Movies in Time

pp. 86-88

Independence Day: A Survival Guide for the Next Invasion

pp. 90-91

Aliens 'R' Us: A Critique of D4

pp. 92-88

Shtetl and Hotel Terminus: History and Memory of the Shoah

pp. 94-95

Book Reviews

Unique Construction

p. 96

Linking Aviation and Cinema

pp. 97-99

Our Enduring Fascination

pp. 98-99

A Bundle of Contradictions

pp. 100-101

Lexington's Early Nickelodeons

pp. 102-105

A Dense and Rich ForĂȘt

pp. 104-105

Land of Oz

pp. 106-111

A Monumental Ego

pp. 107-109

Multiple Storylines

pp. 108-109

Change Your Name

pp. 110-111

Hollywood's First Feminist

pp. 112-115

Dedicated to Keeping Mouths Shut

pp. 114-115

Menial Beginnings

p. 116

Groundbreaking Work

p. 117

Mixed Media: Painting in Film

p. 118

Familiar Tunes

p. 119