restricted access   Volume 25, Numbers 1-2, 1995

Table of Contents

Special Focus: The Black Image in Film

Tales From the Cutting Room Floor

pp. 1-3

The Black Image in Film

The Black Image in Film

pp. 4-5

The Green Pastures as an Allegory of Accommodation: Christ, Race, and the All-Black Musical

pp. 6-16

Reflections on A Soldier's Story: For Blacks, A War Within the War

pp. 18-23

Liberators: Documentary and the Construction of Public History

pp. 24-32

The Cinematic Treatment of Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Region, Religion, and Sexuality

pp. 34-39

Censorship in Film

Censorship, Film Noir, and Double Indemnity (1944)

pp. 40-52

Film Reviews

Andersonville Goes to Hollywood—Courtesy of Ted Turner

pp. 54-57

Braveheart Wins Two Golden Statuettes (review)

pp. 58-76

Braveheart: A Distant Hero for a Post-Modernist Audience?

p. 59

Restoration: Not Restored Enough? (review)

pp. 60-61

Japan After WWII: Kenji Mizojuchi on Changing Values

pp. 62-64

The O.J. Simpson Interview Videotape (review)

pp. 65-66

Book Reviews

Recent Books on History and Film: Some Reflections

pp. 68-69

Alfred Hitchcock: Immersed in Victorian Values?

p. 70

Frank Capra: Spokesman for the John Does of America?

p. 71

The Brightest Light?

pp. 72-76

Literature to Film: James T. Farrell in Book and Film

p. 73

Orson Welles: Destined for Destruction?

pp. 74-75