restricted access   Volume 41, Number 3, Summer 2005

Table of Contents

Who's a Pragmatist: Royce and Peirce at the Turn of the Century

pp. 467-481

The Inner Chambers of his Mind: Peirce's "Neglected Argument" for God as Related to Mathematical Experience

pp. 483-513

Continuity and Inheritance: Kant's Critique of Judgment and the Work of C.S. Peirce

pp. 515-540

Peirce on Reality, Truth, and the Convergence of Inquiry in the Limit

pp. 541-566

The Role of Abstract Reference in Mead's Account of Human Origins

pp. 567-601

Rethinking the Validity and Significance of Final Causation: From the Aristotelian to the Peircean Teleology

pp. 603-625

Introducing the Philosophy of Education and Pedagogy of Chauncey Wright

pp. 627-649

Transcendental Hope: Peirce, Hookway, and Pihlström on the Conditions for Inquiry

pp. 651-674

The Morality and Politics of Hope: John Dewey and Positive Psychology in Dialogue

pp. 675-701

Book Reviews

The Correspondence of William James (review)

pp. 703-713

Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead (review)

pp. 714-723

Minutes of the Business Meeting Charles Sanders Peirce Society 28 December 2004

pp. 725-728