restricted access   Volume 41, Number 1, Winter 2005

Table of Contents

Historical Introduction

pp. 1-11

Letters of Josiah Royce to Daniel Gregory Mason, Mary Lord Mason, and Edward Palmer Mason, 1900-1904

pp. 13-45

Royce's Practice of Genuine Loyalty

pp. 47-63

Peirce on Hegel: Nominalist or Realist?

pp. 65-99

Why Pragmatists Cannot be Pluralists

pp. 101-118

Why a Pragmatist May Be a Pluralist

pp. 119-122

Jamesian Pluralism and Moral Conflict

pp. 123-128

Pragmatism and Pluralism

pp. 129-135

"You Talking to Me?"

pp. 137-141

Still Searching for a Pragmatist Pluralism

pp. 145-160

Peirce on the Index and Indexical Reference

pp. 161-188

Some Mathematical Facts about Peirce's Game

pp. 189-201

Book Reviews

Divine Beauty: The Aesthetics of Charles Hartshorne (review)

pp. 203-207

John Dewey and Environmental Philosophy (review)

pp. 208-214

Feminist Interpretations of John Dewey (review)

pp. 215-220

Confucian Democracy: A Deweyan Reconstruction (review)

pp. 221-225

The Letters of George Santayana, Book Five, 1933-1936 (review)

pp. 226-231

A William Ernest Hocking Reader with Commentary (review)

pp. 232-238