restricted access   Volume 80, Number 2, 2010

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From: Africa: The Journal of the International African Institute

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Past Pentecostalism: notes on rupture, realignment, and everyday Life in Pentecostal and African Independent Churches

pp. 177-199

‘A light-hearted bunch of ladies’: gendered power and irreverent piety in the Ghanaian Methodist diaspora

pp. 200-223

Playing pool along the shores of Lake Victoria: fishermen, careers and capital accumulation in the Ugandan Nile perch business

pp. 224-248

Post-colonial migration: virtual culture, urban farming and new peri-urban growth in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1975–2000

pp. 249-274

‘My “veil” does not go with my jeans’: veiling, fundamentalism, education and women’s agency in northern Cameroon

pp. 275-300

Cocoa, marriage, labour and land in Ghana: some matrilineal and patrilineal perspectives

pp. 301-321

Review Article

Beyond creed, greed and booty: conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo

pp. 322-331

Reviews of books

The Politics of Religious Change on the Upper Guinea Coast: iconoclasm done and undone (review)

pp. 332-333

Le vocabulaire scientifique dans les langues africaines. Pour une approche culturelle de la terminologie (review)

pp. 333-335

Masquerades of Modernity: power and secrecy in Casamance, Senegal (review)

pp. 335-336

African Films and Literature: adapting violence to the screen (review)

pp. 336-338

Gossip, Markets and Gender: how dialogue constructs moral value in post-socialist Kilimanjaro (review)

pp. 338-339

South African Textual Cultures – white, black, read all over (review)

pp. 339-340

The Congo Wars: conflict, myth and reality (review)

pp. 340-341

African Anthropologies: history, critique and practice (review)

pp. 342-344