restricted access   Volume 83, Number 1, Winter 2010

Table of Contents

Anthropological Perspective o Knowledge in the Digital Age

Alexander S. Dent, Guest Editor

Anthropological Perspectives on Knowledge in the Digital Age

Editor's Note

pp. 5-6

Introduction: Culture In, Culture Out

pp. 7-16

Being in the World (of Warcraft): Raiding, Realism, and Knowledge Production in a Massively Multiplayer Online Game

pp. 17-45

The Hacker Conference: A Ritual Condensation and Celebration of a Lifeworld

pp. 47-72

Digital Expertise in Online Journalism (and Anthropology)

pp. 73-95


Science of Uncertainty: Making Cases for Drug Incorporation in Brazil

pp. 97-122

Promiscuous Girls, Good Wives, and Cheating Husbands: Gender Inequality, Transitions to Marriage, and Infidelity in Southeastern Nigeria

pp. 123-152

Social Thought & Commentary

Declarations of Independents: On Local Knowledge and Localist Knowledge

pp. 153-176

The Hand of God: Capitalism, Inequality, and Moral Geographies in Mississippi After Hurricane Katrina

pp. 177-203

Book Reviews

The Empire of Trauma: An Inquiry into the Condition of Victimhood (review)

pp. 205-208

Hawaiian Blood: Colonialism and the Politics of Sovereignty and Indigeneity (review)

pp. 209-213

Monumental Ambivalence: The Politics of Heritage (review)

pp. 215-218

Where Humans and Spirits Meet: The Politics of Rituals and Identified Spirits in Zanzibar, and: Social Identities (review)

pp. 219-222