restricted access   Volume 154, Number 5, Winter 2010

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From: American Annals of the Deaf

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Special Issue: Deaf Epistemologies

Guest Editor: Peter V. Paul

Feature Articles

Perspectives on Deaf Epistemologies

pp. 417-420

Introduction: Toward an Understanding of Epistemology and Deafness

pp. 421-427

Without Boundaries: An Inquiry Into Deaf Epistemologies Through a Metaparadigm

pp. 428-434

Deaf Epistemologies as a Critique and Alternative to the Practice of Science: An Anthropological Perspective

pp. 435-446

Epistemologies, Deafness, Learning, and Teaching

pp. 447-455

The Qualitative Similarity Hypothesis

pp. 456-462

Not Silent, Invisible: Literature’s Chance Encounters with Deaf Heroes and Heroines

pp. 463-470

Deaf Epistemology: The Deaf Way of Knowing

pp. 471-478

Epistemology and People Who Are Deaf: Deaf Worldviews, Views of the Deaf World, or My Parents Are Hearing

pp. 479-485

Deaf Epistemology: Deafhood and Deafness

pp. 486-492

Summary and Prologue: Perspectives on Deaf Epistemologies

pp. 493-496



pp. 415-416

2009/2010 Annual Index

pp. 497-500