restricted access   Volume 43, Number 2, Winter 2009

Table of Contents

Section I New Approaches to Fashion and Emotion

The Civilization of Fashion: At the Origins of a Western Social Institution

pp. 261-283

War of Hearts: Love and Collective Attachment as Integrating Factors in Finland During World War II

pp. 285-305

Section II Gender Issues

Women’s Work: The Feminization and Shifting Meanings of Clerical Work

pp. 307-340

New Losses, New Opportunities: (Soviet) Women in the Shuttle Trade, 1987–1998

pp. 341-359

Gender and the Spa: Space, Sociability and Self at British Health Spas, 1640–1714

pp. 361-383

Section III Crime and Policing

A Few Detectives Would Be Very Useful: Crime, Immorality, and Policing in Valletta, 1881–1914

pp. 385-406

‘Invisible Deaths, Silent Deaths’: ‘Bodies Without Masters’ in Republican Shanghai

pp. 407-437

“Those Who Have Had Trouble Can Sympathise with You”: Press Writing, Reader Responses and a Murder Trial in Interwar Britain

pp. 439-462


Section 1 Race

Drawing the Global Colour Line: White Men’s Countries and the International Challenge of Racial Equality (review)

pp. 463-464

Scottsboro and Its Legacy: The Cases That Challenged American Legal and Social Justice (review)

pp. 464-466

Philadelphia Divided: Race and Politics in the City of Brotherly Love (review)

pp. 466-469

From Abolition to Rights for All: The Making of a Reform Community in the Nineteenth Century (review)

pp. 469-471

Dreams of Africa in Alabama: The Slave Ship Clotilda and the Story of the Last Africans Brought to America, and: The Slave Ship Clotilda and the Making of AfricaTown, USA: Spirit of Our Ancestors (review)

pp. 471-474

Section 2 Hunger and Food

Hunger. A Modern History (review)

pp. 474-476

Food in Early Modern England: Phases, Fads, Fashions 1500–1760 (review)

pp. 476-478

Manger: Français, Européens et Américains face à l’alimentation (review)

pp. 478-481

Section 3 Urban Issues

Taxi!: A Social History of the New York City Cabdriver (review)

pp. 481-484

The Art of the Network: Strategic Interaction and Patronage in Renaissance Florence, and: Heirs, Kin, and Creditors in Renaissance Florence (review)

pp. 484-488

Le Promeneur à Paris au XVIIIe siècle, and: The Discovery of France: A Historical Geography from the Revolution to the First World War (review)

pp. 488-491

Section 4 Crime and Punishment

The Currency of Socialism: Money and Political Culture in East Germany (review)

pp. 491-493

Death Row Women: Murder, Justice, and the New York Press (review)

pp. 494-496

Section 5 Gender

Crime and the Law in England, 1750–1840: Remaking Justice from the Margins (review)

pp. 496-497

Women in Twentieth-Century Europe (review)

pp. 498-499

Section 6 Consumerism

Gender, Indian, Nation: The Contradictions of Making Ecuador, 1830–1925 (review)

pp. 499-501

Hotel: An American History (review)

pp. 502-504

Everyday Life & Consumer Culture in 18th-Century Damascus (review)

pp. 504-506

Children’s Nature: The Rise of the American Summer Camp (review)

pp. 506-507

From the Cult of Waste to the Trash Heap of History: The Politics of Waste in Socialist and Postsocialist Hungary (review)

pp. 507-509

Section 7 Health and Disease

Social Change and Health in Sweden: 250 Years of Politics and Practice (review)

pp. 509-512

A History of Multiple Sclerosis (review)

pp. 512-514

Disability in Twentieth-Century German Culture (review)

pp. 514-516

Section 8 Regional Topics

Making a Living: Work and Environment in the United States (review)

pp. 516-518

Popular Culture and the Public Sphere in the Rhineland 1800–1850 (review)

pp. 518-519