restricted access   Volume 31, Number 3, Fall 2001

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From: Theater

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Up Front

p. 1


Irony and Deeper Significance: Where Are the Plays?

pp. 2-11

Documentary Solo Performance: The Politics of the Mirrored Self

pp. 13-29

Rethinking Power, Rethinking Theater: A conversation between Lani Guinier and Anna Deavere Smith

pp. 31-45

Boal and Beyond: Strategies for Creating Community Dialogue

pp. 47-61

Notes from Inside: Forum Theater in Maximum Security

pp. 55-61

Theater of the Recruits: Boal Techniques in the New York Police Academy

pp. 55-61

How Do You Make Social Change?

pp. 62-93

Motion of the Ocean: The Shifting Face of U.S. Theater for Social Change since the 1960s

pp. 95-107

What Happened?: A conversation between Robbie McCauley and Bill Rauch

pp. 109-117

Change on Whose Terms? Testimony and an Erotics of Inquiry

pp. 119-125

Memory, Money, and Persistence: Theater of Social Change in Context

pp. 127-137

Agitational Performance, Now and Then

pp. 139-151

What Do We Want to Achieve?: A conversation among Judith Malina, Hanon Reznikov, and Tameron Josbeck

pp. 153-159

The Gospel According to Billy

pp. 161-167

I Love New York, or Starbucks out of Hell's Kitchen

pp. 169-177


pp. iii-vi