restricted access   Volume 11, Number 1, Winter 2010 (New Series)

Table of Contents

From the Editors

An Interview with Richard Stites

pp. 1-9


Circulatory Localities: The Example of Stalinism in the 1930s

pp. 11-45

"Real Men Go to the Bania": Postwar Soviet Masculinities and the Bathhouse

pp. 47-76

History and Historians

Franco Venturi's Russia

pp. 77-105

Review Essays

Where Did the East European Jews Come From?: An Explosive Debate Erupts from Old Footnotes

pp. 107-125

Diaries and Diaspora Identity: Rethinking Russian Emigration in China

pp. 127-144

The Economic History of the Soviet Union Reconsidered

pp. 145-159


Kul′tura i iskusstvo v epokhu peremen: Rossiia semnadtsatogo stoletiia, and: Razriad v 185 godu, and: Literaturnaia kul′tura Rossii: Rannee Novoe vremia, and: Zakat Moskovskogo tsarstva: Tsarskii dvor kontsa XVII veka (review)

pp. 161-172

Gosudarstvennoe upravlenie Rossii s kontsa XVII do kontsa XVIII veka: Evoliutsiia biurokraticheskoi sistemy, and: Administrativnye struktury i biurokratiia Urala v epokhu petrovskikh reform (zapadnye uezdy Sibirskoi gubernii v 1711–1727) (review)

pp. 173-180

Holy Fathers, Secular Sons: Clergy, Intelligentsia, and the Modern Self in Revolutionary Russia, and: Vysshaia dukhovnaia shkola v Rossii v kontse XIX–nachale XX veka: Istoriia imperatorskikh pravoslavnykh dukhovnykh akademii (review)

pp. 181-192

"Gäste, die bleiben": Vladimir Solov′ev, die Juden und die Deutschen, and: Divine Sophia: The Wisdom Writings of Vladimir Solovyov (review)

pp. 193-200

Khrushchev's Cold War: The Inside Story of an American Adversary, and: For the Soul of Mankind: The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War, and: A Failed Empire: The Soviet Union in the Cold War from Stalin to Gorbachev (review)

pp. 201-211


To the Editors

pp. 212-213


Contributors to This Issue

pp. 214-215