restricted access   Volume 31, Number 1, Winter 2001

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From: Theater

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Up Front

pp. 1-3


Before the Fall: Yugoslav Theaters of Opposition

pp. 5-25

How Theater Adapts to the Discourse of War

pp. 8-9

Baggage and Bombshells: A Presentation

pp. 10-11

A Few Words about War and Theater

pp. 12-13

In a Time of War

pp. 14-15

Public Announcement of the Serbian Drama Artists' Association and the Drama Artists' Union, May 2000

p. 19

Beginning to Clean the Air: Two Interviews from Belgrade, June 2000

pp. 27-33

Collateral Damage on the German Mind, or, How Young German Directors Became More Involved with the Issue of War

pp. 35-39

South Pacific-North Atlantic: From Total War to Total Peace

pp. 41-49

Ten Minutes of Anthrax!: Some Notes on French Combatant Trench Scripts of the First World War

pp. 51-69

Censorship and Improvisation

pp. 58-59


p. 64

The Embusque

p. 65


p. 66

The Mobilization of Gotowar: A Heroic Tragedy in Five Acts

pp. 71-73

Excerpt from Nevermind!: A Revue in One Act

pp. 74-75

Excerpt from Shut-up! You Make Me Cuckoo! A Revue of Aeronautic News in Fourteen Scenes and a Prologue

pp. 76-77

Popular Army, Popular Theater: Spanish Agitprop during the Civil War, 1936-1939

pp. 79-91

Crush Franco!: Originally titled Aplastar a Franco!

pp. 92-95

Four Shock Battalions: Originally titled Cuatro batallones de choque

pp. 97-100

What Have You Done Today to Win the War? Originally titled Que has hecho hoy para ganar la guerra?

pp. 101-105

Consumed in Singapore: The Intercultural Spectacle of Lear

pp. 107-127


Sailing from Byzantium: Goran Stefanovski's Hotel Europa

pp. 128-133

From an Interview with Goran Stefanovski, May 2000

pp. 131-132


Moving Beyond the Movement

pp. 134-136

The Zoo Story and the Whole Story

pp. 136-138

Holocaust Stages

pp. 139-141


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