restricted access   Volume 30, Number 3, Fall 2000

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From: Theater

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Up Front

pp. 1-3


The Threepenny Songs: Cabaret and the Lyrical Gestus

pp. 5-21

Royal Palace : A Translator's Note

pp. 23-25

Royal Palace

pp. 27-31

On Die Burgschaft: Director's Notes

pp. 33-35

Die Burgschaft [The Pledge]: An Opera in Three Acts

pp. 37-61

Die Burgschaft, or "Brecht ohne Brecht"

pp. 63-75

Kurt Weill's American Dreams

pp. 76-81

The Eternal Road and Kurt Weill's German, Jewish, and American Identity

pp. 83-95

Either a German or a Jew: The German Reception of Kurt Weill's Der Weg der Verheissung

pp. 97-105

From Myth to Monograph: Weill Scholarship, Fifty Years After

pp. 107-117


Endless Moan: The Eternal Road at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

pp. 119-123


The Last Piece of the Puzzle

pp. 124-126

Theorizing the "Unmanageable"

pp. 127-128

Space Wars

pp. 128-131

A Pragmatist's Tour of the Greek Theater

pp. 131-133


pp. ii-iv